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The Anti-Timeshare

Equity Estates vs. Timeshares

How does Equity Estates differ from a timeshare and how do you benefit?

We're different than a timeshare in a myriad of ways.

  • Clear and defined divestment plan which will return first 100% of your initial capital contribution and then 80% of the appreciation thereafter around 12 years from now
  • Enjoy your vacations in private luxury residences valued between $2-$5 million (that’s 3-5x the price per square foot of a high-end timeshare)
  • Explore the world with diverse destinations around the globe at your fingertips, and no premium to travel to different locations or during peak times of year
  • Complete freedom to choose when you travel, so you can vacation on your own time
  • Zero hidden fees
  • Enjoy a dedicated personal travel concierge, local host and destination manager at your disposal for pre-trip planning as well as daily housekeeping at no additional cost
  • A smart financial investment in luxury real estate with great potential for return
  • Full annual audits and appraisals conducted by third-party companies and complete transparency with investors, who we view as our partners
  • Strictly governed private equity fund for which we have a fiduciary responsibility to our investors

Browse the entire portfolio of 60+ private luxury vacation homes throughout 25+ countries and begin dreaming of your first Equity Estates vacation.

This website is designed to offer owners and guests of owners certain information about our real estate investment fund and its portfolio of private homes. Investments in Equity Estates are only available to accredited investors. This is not an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities.