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Importance of Family Vacations

Whether a family reunion or a romantic anniversary celebration, an extended trip or a quick weekend getaway—there’s something magical about taking a vacation. Vacations create more memories than any other activity, and studies show (link) people get more happiness out of experiences shared on vacations than material goods acquired during their lifetimes. Not only that, vacations also lead to better productivity, better health and even longer lives.

Here's why you should prioritize vacations as a necessity and not an indulgence.

  • Vacations Strengthen Relationships
    Vacationing with your family helps forge closer bonds. Studies show that couples who take vacations with their kids are more satisfied with their marriages. There is also a correlation between children’s academic achievement and family vacations. 
  • Vacations Relieve Stress
    Our lives today are full of stress, and this chronic stress can be destructive to our bodies. Getting away for regular vacations and leaving our hectic schedules behind offers a much-needed break and gives our bodies time to repair.
  • Vacations Help You Maintain Focus
    Continuous work with no breaks or vacations can make people feel blocked and lead to problems with concentration. Surveys show almost three-quarters of people who vacation regularly feel energized and ready to get back to work and tackle the tasks at hand.
  • Vacations Help Prevent Illness
    Did you know stress can alter your immune system and make you susceptible to serious illnesses? It can increase your chances of getting infections like the flu as well as more serious conditions. A recent survey found people who take regular vacations report being and feeling healthier.
  • Vacations Make You Happier
    Nearly 80% of people who take vacations each year report being happier and more satisfied with their lives as a result. N
    euroscientists have found brain structure can be altered by chronic exposure to stress hormones, contributing to depression, anxiety and other conditions. People who take regular vacations reported feeling extremely happy compared to those who did not vacation. And many reported these effects lasting well after they returned home—making a vacation an investment in your long-term well-being. 
  • Taking vacations can keep you young
    Chronic stress accelerates the aging process. So, why not do yourself a big favor? Make your family a priority and take some time off. Taking regular vacations is one of the best things you can do for a happy, healthy life!

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