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Equity Estates investors don't suffer from Vacation Deficit Disorder-- do you?

According to Forbes, only 25% of Americans use all their paid vacation days. Even more concerning, 42% didn't take a single vacation day last year. Equity Estates is the gentle push you may need to take some time off.


Vacation Deficit Disorder

: a disorder causing someone to live in fear of taking vacation days, typically creating a work-to-leisure imbalance
-symptoms ranging from irritability to feeling you deserve the nervous breakdown you had after work

As comical as it is to create a fake disorder for those who refuse to take time off work, it is a growing problem. Americans aren’t taking vacation days. According to Forbes, only 25% of Americans use all their paid vacation days. Even more concerning, 42% didn't take a single vacation day last year. Why? It all comes down to some form of fear. Employees are afraid of falling behind, letting team members down, being judged by their coworkers and bosses, and even of losing their jobs.

There are a host of side effects associated with America’s overworked population including lack of sleep, feeling unfulfilled, spending less time with family and even a decrease in future paid vacation days. Over time these factors can take a toll on employees, causing them to feel rundown and less fruitful in their work. A lack of time off can seriously affect your health, too. The famed Framingham Heart Study found a reduced risk of heart disease directly associated with more vacation time. Those studied who did not take a vacation for several years were 30% more likely to suffer from heart attacks.

Terry Hartig, a Swedish psychologist, compared the effects of taking vacation days on the health of Swedes and Americans. The Swedish, who are required to take at least 25 paid vacation days per year, were considered much healthier and less depressed than their American counterparts. Hartig describes the benefits of taking vacation days as “collective restoration”. When you take a vacation, you’re likely to return rejuvenated and the positive vibes you give off will affect those around you as well.

It seems most countries around the world understand the importance of time off far better than America. While law doesn't require employers give any paid vacation days, the standard for American companies is ten days per year. The European Union and Australia have both set a minimum of at least 20 paid vacation days, while France requires at least 30 vacation days per year. Perhaps most concerning is that American's aren't using the little time they're given.

A simple way to explain the current situation of employees who don’t use vacation days is with a farming metaphor. A farmer has many fields that he uses to grow plentiful crops. If he never gives any of his fields a break, they will become less productive. Like a field that gets the opportunity to lay sallow, employees need time to rest in order to remain healthy and productive. Even the most productive of fields, and employees, get overworked.

After investing in Equity Estates, you will have an allotted number of nights to spend at our 60+ luxury residences located all over the world. This holds you accountable to travel and may be the gentle push you need to take that time off work.

Our spacious residences are perfect for reconnecting with family and friends. The majority of the homes in our portfolio feature gourmet kitchens, large dining areas, family rooms, game rooms and large outdoor entertaining spaces, making them well equipped to foster bonding between loved ones.

Whatever you may need to help you recharge—from spa treatments to personal chefs—Equity Estates can make it happen. Our five-star service team including personal travel concierges, local hosts and daily housekeeping is ready to help make your vacation—and, in turn, you—more productive.













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